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About ME

Picture of me in the pubMy hobbies and interests have always been in electronics & engineering ever since I was twelve which was when my dad bought me a electronics experiment kit. He said that as a baby and pre-schooler I always seemed to be interested in how things work - I was always trying to see how toys worked before playing with them!

I did well at school in the craft, design and engineering attaining a GCSE grade B plus a C in double science and then went on to college to do some more courses in electronics and TV repair. Since then I have worked in the repair industry but I'm open to other skills as the computer repair industry seems to be in a decline now. You have cheap chinese electronics to thank for that! I am generally pretty competent with techie things and even if I haven't a clue about something I can quickly learn and figure things out for myself even if it may take me a while.

Other hobbies and interests are PC gaming although I would not class myself as a hardcore PC nerd :) and I enjoy walking as I have been a member of a walking group for several years now. I'm not much of a sporting person but I will take an interest in what other activites friends and family take part in. I enjoy holidays and general outdoor interests apart from when it's raining and miserable something it has been doing a lot here in the UK.

I am currently self employed & have a full time contract job but I can perform basic component level repairs to consumer electronics & computers where time permits outside of my contract's working hours. Typical costs are around £40 for a DVD recorder or PVR repair to cover my time and includes generic low cost parts. This is done at home or sometimes in customer homes in and around the Cleckheaton area. I do not advertise (other than this site) and work is obtained by word of mouth. If you have anything you would like me to look at just drop me an email which you can find on the contact page.


Recent Updates

Computer repairs

I now do PC and consumer electronics repairs in the Cleckheaton area in my free time - please see the 'About Me & Repair Price List' pages for more information.

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